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hello! you have found your way here to lms_graphics;

the livejournal community filled with graphics from the film:
little miss sunshine
if you are interested in becoming a member of the community, please follow these simple rules.

* all sorts of graphics (icons, headers, wallpapers) are allowed here as long as they are from movie or of the cast (but not in their roles of other projects).
* commenting and crediting is a must since the artists have put time and effort into their work.
* hotlinking kills faster than crack.
* when choosing preview icons, please limit it to two or three to help save time for the dial-up people.
* fake cuts are allowed but they must lead back to the entry with your icons instead of just your journal.
* promoting other communities are allowed as long as they pertain to the movie or any of the people involved and you must post graphics with them.
if you wish to become a member of a general little miss sunshine community, try out vw_bustrip. snuddles and wickedground are your mods and feel free to ask any questions.